chufile 271I am recent graduate with a Master’s degree in holistic nutrition.  Before pursuing nutrition, I was a special education teacher with a Master’s degree in Deaf Education. I left teaching to raise and home school my four children who, along with our flock of backyard chickens, keep me pretty busy. I spent a few years as a chapter co-leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation, promoting healthful living in my community. I ran a local food buyer’s club to encourage discounted purchases of organic products and currently teach nutrition classes in churches. My journey into real food and holistic wellness began in childhood with homemade everything, (thanks Mom!) and a focus on natural products. The path was solidified when my fourth child, a twin, was born with multiple allergies that had him covered in rashes from 3 weeks old. When doctors couldn’t provide answers I went searching on my own. My current interests lie in unifying microbial and nutritional research to make the highest impact on the most people.

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