“Inspiring women to intuitively reconnect their mind and body to TRULY take control of their health.”


Join me and special guests on the Organic Crumbs Podcast as we examine the crumbs that lead us down the trail of life.


Prior to my study in nutrition, I was a certified preK-12 educator. I carry my love of teaching into helping others in the online health and wellness space with courses on food, self-care, seasonal detoxes and more.


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Work with Tami

Our diet can be one of healing and nourishment, or it can be a pathway to dysbiosis and pain. There is no perfect diet, as each person is unique. I would be honored to work with you individually to find the most nutritious and healing foods that work best with your genetic and physiological makeup, teach you ways to give yourself grace as you learn/relearn to hear what your body has to say and help you to work on ways to build a reconnection between body and spirit as an essential component to whole health.

“I did then what I knew how to do.
Now that I know better, I do better.”

by Maya Angelou

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